TrueXGold – Nigerian Leading CryptoCurrency Exchanger

TrueXGold exchanging cryptocurrency

TrueXGold exchanging cryptocurrency

TRUEXGOLD is a Cryptocurrency exchanger in Nigeria,Their Uniqueness and Service as an exchanger service is One of a kind as they are buying and selling almost all sort of Acxepted Cryptocurrencies in the Market,currencies like Bitcoin,Litecoin,Dash,Ethereum,Zcash,Monero,Ripple and Many More. They Also Deal in Exchange of Perfect Money.

Bitcoin being the most asked for Cryptocurrency is what we will be showing you How to do the Exchange on TrueXGold with Ease.

    How To Exchange Bitcoin To Cash With TRUEXGOLD

I’ll be showing You Step-by-Step guide to exchange Your Bitcoin to Cash With TrueXGold.

1 – Register an account with TrueXGold

After a Successful Registration, You will receive a confirmation mail from TrueXGold. Check Your Email Inbox or Spam Folder, you will see the confirmation link. Click on it and your account will be activated.

2 – After activating your mail, You will be Prompt To Login. Input the details (Email and Password) used During Registration and you will be Logged in.

This is the Page You Will See After Login In

Truexgold dashboard

3 – Scroll Down and You Will See Where to Fill Your E-Wallet Details .

Input Your Name at The Account Name Box

Input Your Bitcoin Address in The E- Wallet Account Box

And Lastly Select Bitcoin as Account Type

Then Click on Add Account

Adding account to truexgold

4 – Click On Account and Input your Bank Account Details .

Truexgold account details

After Inputting Your Bank Details, Then You Go to Your Dashboard.

You will see all your Transactions Details at Your Dashboard.

Scroll down a bit and You will see The Queue of Cryptocurrencies available for Exchange. So Click on The One You Wish to Exchange .
Before You Can Be allowed to exchange On TrueXGold, You have to Verify your Account.

TrueXGold dashboard

To Verify Your Account, You will have to Update Your Profile By filling Your Name,Age,Address and Phone Number. If you Go back To your Dashboard After filling all the above, You still wont be able to buy bitcoin, But you will be able to sell.

Truexgold profile update

TrueXGold dashboard

If you want to be able to Buy Bitcoin from The Site, You will Have to Upload Your Passport,National Id Card and Utility Bills. After uploading This, You wait for some hours for the Admins to verify your details. After Being Verified, You are Good To Go.

You Can Contact TruexGold Now on : or call these numbers; 08183270403, 09099218545 for more details.

Enjoy Buying and Selling Of Crypto’s with TRUEXGOLD

Drop comments on your review about TrueXGold and let us Know which step is not clear to you. We’ll be Glad to reply.


  1. But why did they need my id card,passport amd utitlity bills?? I am not opening a bank account.. what if they start using my details to do bad bad tinz.. U know dis comapny is own by a nigerian and we know wat dey can do..

    • Mr Samuel, thanks for your comment, but i think the reason why you need to do that is because they need to be sure who you are.. the reason why you are afraid might be the same reason they are requesting for it.. Moreso, the company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Comission (C.A.C) and with reviews from people who use dem,they have nothing in line with what you are thinking..

      Thanks for your Comment. Do come back

  2. The idea of trading Cryptocurrency and the national legal framework is mutually exclusive. Trading on Cryptocurrency can be done when someone knows how to handle it. The reason for the legal framework is to protect the participators because when there is no third party that puts power in the hands of those that know the ‘Whats’ and ‘Hows’. Bitcoin is safe and this knowledge is out there. You are your own bank. Records are protected by mathematical laws and are irreversible. The Blockchain technology protects its addresses and have histories on an open ledger, and is always available and transparent for anyone to confirm.

    • @irockng.. the same research you did was exactly what we did, we wont promote a scam site on our blog, we have a reputation too.
      but all i can say about the neteller issue is that, it is just a problem from neteller and thats not intentionally done by TrueXGold… A lot of people tried dem since den up till dis moment, and no scam case.. you’re good sir/ma.

      Thanks For your comment

  3. Truexgold is an exchanger site we know… But D comma here is that, dey r Nigerian site.. Owned by a Nigerian.. hope they womt runaway wit my btc/crypto

  4. finally i and my friends just read and go through this trend & we had also gone through platform.
    am really glad it in existence and hope its what they called themselves.

    • I used the Exchange to change my bitcoin to cash some days back bro…. I cant bliv my eyes.. i was like, so we still gt some swift company like dis n naija

  5. have been using for a while now and haven’t been once disappointed they pay instantly no scam no fraud just go ahead and give it a try if you have coins to trade.

  6. as i log to the site what i saw is that TruexGOLD is Nigeria’s MOST Reliable and Reputable E-currency Exchanger.

    truly they are the best, it rocks anyway cool!

  7. stop doubting about dey are for real am also a member on their BBM chance you too can join now and see things for yourselves
    here:- 7AC8FA9B thanks for the post more success all the way.

  8. Me just see all This leading Nigerian Cryptocurrency trader as a hype.. this people myt just turn out to be like others we’ve seen..


  9. with Truexgold you havenotin to lose… Sell to them amd get paid or buy from them.. They are fast in funding.. immediate alert…

    Long live truexgold

  10. admin thanks for this useful information.
    will share this to my wall now to get inform others where they can surely trade their coins with ease…

    Off to my wall🏃🏃🏃

  11. thanks for this special information.
    but hope this is not all about scam, cause i don’t want to get there now and start regretting why i did.
    if its real then we all going to be happy with it.

  12. TrueXGold is a cryptocurrency exchanger that have heard of for long… But ibacked off when i heard about their neteller case.. but with this,i think i will give them a try again

  13. Cryptocurrencies exchanger we need to understand how you share the percentage of money being invest. Before we starting buying the btcoin from others user’s need more information please admin

  14. that’s how they go around spoiling other peoples good business.
    by their words you sha know them.

    TrueXGold is my own recommended trading site anytime anyday

  15. i have been looking for a reliable exchanbe company in nigeria.. many of dem have come and go.. but seeing dis, i tink i will give dem a try.. will drop my review about dem later

  16. trueXGOLD is real from day one.
    nothing like regretting or getting scammed here,
    their still the no.1 exchanger surfing online here in Nigeria & nation wide
    one love !!!

  17. TRUEXGOLD is a Cryptocurrency exchanger in Nigeria,Their Uniqueness and Service as an exchanger service is One of a kind as they are buying and selling almost all sort of Acxepted Cryptocurrencies in the Market,currencies like
    Bitcoin,Litecoin,Dash,Ethereum,Zcash,Monero, and Many More. They Also Deal in Exchange of Perfect Money.

  18. how sure are we that this is not another scam exchange that bloggers promote have fallen for so much of this and would advice u all to be careful.if am wrong proof it @ admin and truxgold

  19. kenny as a point i have also be scamed by a particular exchange site advertised by a particular blog (not crystalmack) so becareful before u use dem check for their reputation .but i think truxgold is good for now pls admin how do we contact them.

  20. as for now the prices on their web page is good i wont be surprised if they suddenly begin to change it ,that what most of all this exchange site do

  21. I saw this your link on TrueXGold post some hours ago.. So i checked all site listed and i found out that u were d one dt put up all d information needed in exchanging… I wont be shocked if u win… For u to win is one of the reason i came to drop a comment… And i will also share d post wt my friends… Big thing coming up for you

  22. I dont know the owner of this site from adam, but i was amazed at how u could have dedicated your time as long as dis to put up such nice steps… This will even make a 5 year old to b able to exchange with TrueXGold… Thanks for the steps…

    I wish u luck in the competition..

    From Facebok

    • Seriously @samson i thought i was d only one who noticed d hardwork put up here… Site admin was not in a rush to just put a review to win… The admin was very explanatory.. i cant even wait to celebrate with dem…

      Gogogogog CrystalMack… God is with u

  23. O.P …I have done all dis tin u ask us to do… For me to buy bitcoin now na wahala… How many hours does d review take?? Cant wait to exchange with them jarweh….

    Thank U op

  24. But what i still dont understand here is, how do u manage to gt all dis images?? It looks like u conspire with the owner abi… Dats why nigeria no go ever good… Na only u gt all dis piture off all competitors… Win dis… Sometin u don already plan before d competition was put up

    • @noblegee i also dont understand all dis u are saying… If u are one of the bloggers competing, dont u tink this comment u dropped self is adding to our comments??

      Wish u luck in all ur endeavours sir… Welcome

  25. #TruexGold is the best Ecurrency exchanger. They pay you within minutes and you will be so happy you did exchange with them. I will always do business…

  26. You all need to know a company that holds customers with full potential and a business holder association that gives you all the services you need at any particular time is trueXGOLD
    anytime, any where
    admin nice article!

  27. God bless you admin for this piece.. it makes it very easy to transact wit TrueXGold… U didnt even post for the competition,u care aboit ur readers… Keep it up admim, u r going places

  28. No doubting when it comes to Truexgold.

    A company of active workers very reliable trustworthy like it’s name, profitable & last longing.

  29. I just dey see TrueXGold everywhere… I have got some btc to sell, i stumbled on ur post from google and viola ur steps were clean… It was easy for me..

  30. This exchanger get case now?? Why you dey promote fake tin @op … I love dis site pas dis ooo… Google say dem gt $7000 neteller case… Make dem clear air on am first… I will chek dem later

  31. You guys don’t need to stress at all cause TrueXGOLD is pretty much Reliable & Efficient Exchanger in Nigeria we can’t talk about overseas for now but they are the best in all!
    trueXgold highly recommended for you all

  32. i hope they won’t later try to scam us.
    cause we giving them our trust for having this amount of good review’s, if they won’t later backslide then I give them 99% legist also.
    TrueXGOLD rocks!

  33. If truexgold continue like dis, den dey have a lot of goodies to come their way… It aint easy to gt dis much good review, anyway, me self chop deir card for facebook… I like dem jarweh,dey r boss for deir niche

  34. hope this isn’t a trap of scam?
    cause this recession now to invest money in buying and selling of all this crypto is kinda hard not to talk of now getting scammed, am afraid 🙁

    • @Mr. Adekunleri you need not to stress ur self much.
      trueXGOLD have been in existent since 2012/2013 till now still yet no scam tail or stories against them, they are 100% guarantee we assured you all its save.
      go ahead & sign up with trueXGOLD!

  35. Nothing like scam ever since truexgold has started their exchanges in naira Nigeria particular as a home
    with truexgold every transactions are save & secured
    turn up!

  36. Truexgold is just too good in the game… They are still d best exchanger for me so far… A lot of dem have come and go though, I pray dey stay forever

  37. Thank u for this piece… TrueXGold is truly bae, since wen u don update dis post, i went to look for deir social media accnts and voila, seems dey r more active on facebook… We chopping cards almost everyday…

  38. we hope they last longer with this review with out scamming us once we rush into it.
    truexGOLD i can say you guys are real for this grate reviews coming from individual peoples about you, i will give it a trial soonest this week.

  39. i went through all the comments on this page and i found out that 80% of them did not know what cryptocoin /cryptotradeing i would like to suggest to truexgold to educate their fan base and should not just build a dull fan base with little or no knowledge about what they are doing.and they should also creat a faq(frequently asked question) section on their website ,taking into consideration all the questions asked here.

  40. pompy yeah!
    i think you’re right most of them don’t know much about what cryptocoin is all about.
    but am sure after building fan base @trueXGOLD will surely give a seminal to make them all understand everything about truexGOLD trading & faq etc will be done.

  41. Have being hearing of this Bitcoin but don’t know how it is done. So if I should follow your guide and buy from Truexgold where will I keep it or how will they send it to me..

  42. Where can i gt a crypto wallet?? I’m new to it… I have been hearing about Cryptocurrency but i’,m afraid of investing… But now dt i understand how to change it to cash, i wanna start.

    • @jamorasking.. u can download a cryptocurrency wallet from ur playstore.. simply search (Coinbase wallet,Luno Wallet,Xapo Wallet or Blockchain Wallet) , download any one u wish to use… Coinbase and Blockchain is the most recommended from us

  43. Wait oo… Cryptocurrency? Online wallet? I am not understanding this again ooo… What if i dont want to exchange and i wan use am buy something directly, can i?

  44. me as a woman am pretty sure since have been exchanging with truexgold haven’t been scam for once
    so my rate is their cool & reliable.
    also admin thanks for this writeup it makes everything easy for novice on truexgold.

  45. truexgold is real, what pains me must is out of all this their give away haven’t won any of it since they started.
    @femstar all can i be able to be the winner of this their 50k give away pls
    crystalmack any help on that?

    • Its very easy, all you just need to do is follow up their page read the give away content then do exactly what you are been told to do and be sincere.
      with that you can stand a chance to win the trueXGOLD 50k give away price.

      CrystalMack Cares ✅

  46. Morning here.
    this anonymous is funny, you need some one to tell you how to win the give away 50k, while all of us are looking for ways also who will tell who 😢

  47. i went through trueXGOLD Facebook fan page and saw their posts you guys are leading the competition.
    am so happy proudly a fan of you guys, hard work pays

  48. truexgold is 100% real.
    my review for them is pure, a company that do give away of 50k to fans on just a mere facebook page its not easy so they can’t go into scam as some one stated above that hope they won’t later scam users.
    Ride on truexgold!

  49. Keep on d goodwork… If u sabi binary wella too, truexgold is now their pffiicial partner, i saw that on their fb page recently… Thos people are king 😎😎

  50. pls guys hope this isn’t like m.m.m or ponzi cause as for me am still confused about it pls.
    enlighten me more on this really have much to spend on a better platform.

  51. It’s not a ponzi site neither is it m.m.m
    truexgold is a crypto exchanger deals in bitcoin either you buy from them or you sell yours to them.
    you can check more or fan page
    for more you can also win daily give away prices & airtime

    TrueXgold all the way 🙂

  52. its a free world ehn.
    you can say what you like, but have been with truexgold since 2013 so its nothing new to me you can try to spoil their name but it won’t help you.

    truexGOLD is a Reliable e-currency exchanger in Nigeria.

  53. am still confused with outgoing event in Truexgold can anybody should please should reply my comment those that already apply for this programme.. just to learn more about how it works

  54. since have heard of truexgold and their fan page have never go out of data or go broke every instructions given i follow and i get reward.
    #truexjokes on board for now its really fun 🙂

  55. I commend good tinz… U guys are dope and super dope… I just wonder how u turn out to b an ent website… U really explained well i swear… Thanks

  56. Abeg no vex ooo.. nobody has asked about if d admin has transacted wit dis people before oo… Admin come here, av u transact wt dem before??

  57. Nice thread! Bitcoin Will continue to produce great billionaires in the nearest future. Well, I think truexgold needs to reduce their selling price just to attract more customers.

  58. just a simple lowkey business man i deal with bitcoins alot.
    for this sensible update that shows how safe and easy truexgold is to deal with then am giving them a trial.
    tnx @crystalmack you guy’s are genius!

  59. trueXGOLD serve you all that you want nothing like scam their unique and 100% safe transactions.
    have deal with them & didn’t regret.
    here I’m today to reviw good about them

  60. Ohhh truexgold, it gladings my
    heart seeing u everywhere bcoz ur
    indeed reliable and secured,
    A home of no regrets, with
    people’s happiness as it top

  61. I will never forget how u
    gave me reason to smile again
    after my last transaction with u as
    u kept to ur promises. Truexgold
    u will forever be my choice

  62. Thanks to you all for been there for us.

    the winner of the #TRUEXBLOGGERSCHALLENGE
    as been picked & to be sincerely speaking we made it..
    kindly check out truexgold fan page for other site list.

    we bringing something to you all soon for been supportive 🙂
    #CrystalMack lives on!

  63. am really really happy for you guys for wining the #truexgoldbloggercompetition its been here, we are not a losing team.
    anytime, anywhere!

  64. you guys really deserve to be the winner.
    this type of write-ups & steps and only from genius blogger like #CrystalMack tnx to #TruexGOLD they 100% real.

  65. thank you all for been supportive & always there to stand with us as a winning team.

    crystalmack/proudlygist ent loves you all may God bless you all for been here to stand with us from day one to today as we were declared a winner.

    #CrystalmMack live on!
    #TrueXGOLD the best got better!

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