See How Naeto C And His Wife Celebrated Their 5th Wedding Anniversary

Naeto C Today denotes the fifth wedding anniversary of Singer Naeto C and his better half, Nicole Chikwe. They got hitched in 2012 and are honored with two children. Nicole took to her Instagram page to send Naeto C a message to praise today. See photograph she shared and what she composed after cut…

Dear @naetosuperc , I can’t trust it’s been FIVE YEARS!

When we initially got hitched, we were on this mystical high of energy and fixation. Five years in, I perceive that what we have now-a profound sense of duty regarding each other and our youngsters, a shared regard for each other and in particular, a marriage established in God – is TRUE LOVE. Since God is love.

Much obliged to you for looking for an association with Christ. Much obliged to you for giving me space to be my identity. Much thanks to you for cherishing me when that I am difficult to love. Much thanks to you for showing me to pardon continually. I’ve come to discover that the Sacrament of Matrimony is a chance to develop in effortlessness and ethicalness in light of the fact that it is difficult, and I wouldn’t have any desire to experience this fire with anybody other than you. #NOC2012 #bestfatherontheplanet #bestfrend”


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